This Is Your Reminder That You Will Get Somewhere In Life


I know it’s frustrating and difficult to know that you have been trying for some time now, maybe months, even years to get to where you want to be in life.

You are in school, but you had to take a year off for some reason.

Now you are behind and have to take a job in the meantime, but you are struggling to get work.

If you are anything like me, you may have mental health issues and that has impacted your life significantly and now you have to deal with living day to day on top of what you go through emotionally.

It’s long and tiring road and sometimes you just want to say to yourself, “fuck it.” I am done. I have done all I can to push myself and I still am getting nowhere.

For a lot of us, we feel this way. That life is just never the way we want it to be and that our dreams, goals, and aspirations will never come to fruition.

But even though the journey has been difficult, a long and tedious one that you did not expect in 1000 years, you are getting to where you want to be.

It’s just not in the way you envisioned.

You see all those articles you have published now compared to a time when you had nothing?

That is progress. Now you have a portfolio to be proud of and show to potential editors for magazines, blogs and wherever else you want to write for.

The jobs you have on your resume?

That is preparing you for experience that you need for future employment and that is also progress.

All those letters of rejections, failed interviews, and no callbacks?

Now you know the value of waiting and what to do to better prepare yourself in the long run.

So you see, nothing tedious that we do is ever for no reason. It is always preparing us for something greater.

There is always evidence of our growth and our acceleration to our destinations, but it is often overshadowed by everything else that we don’t anticipate in life.

I can guarantee you, you are doing better than a lot of people who are struggling greatly right now in their lives and you are ahead of the game, but you just fail to realize it.

Just remember this: If you have a burning will to succeed in this life, to get somewhere in spite of your obstacles, it may take some pain, some tears, some frustration, but you will get there.

And you will have some serious life lessons under your belt as well so you are prepared when your time does come.

Do not despise meager beginnings, you will get somewhere in life and it will be exactly where you have wanted to go.

Just be patient.