This Is Your Reminder That Your Emotions Don’t Make You Weak


For years, there has been a negative notion claiming that emotions make you weak. The world assumes that we have nothing to share but our sensitivity and our vulnerability. However, not only is that a false notion, but an unhealthy one. Emotions are what make people strong. No matter who you are, your emotions are what make you resilient. Without emotions, you’d be constantly hardening your heart, giving in to what the world wants. In reality, the world will break you and convince you that logic takes the crown. They say that there is strength in using your mind to make decisions, but they don’t realize that it’s a sign of weakness. There is something to be said about letting yourself feel and being transparent with that to the world.

This is your reminder that you are not weak because of your emotions—you’re strong because of them. It’s what makes you invincible to the chaos and madness the world has to offer. Emotions are what makes life full of irrevocable beauty, and no matter how mundane, what you feel will play importance in this. People who don’t associate emotions with strength fear that they’ll be judged, criticized, or hated for what they feel. Since when did the world demand a right to what you feel? Since when did the heart become less when everything we do revolves around love and passion?

Emotions are the heart of the world and logic is what follows to back it up. Without emotions, you’re not living your life, just existing, and that’s the darkest way to live. So no, you are not and will never be defined by your emotions. What makes you remarkably powerful is the passion behind your voice every time you speak up. What makes all the world so magnificent is how people choose to portray the love they have in their hearts to the world.

You can see it by the way people choose to give parts of themselves to those that need it most. It’s not weakness, it’s selflessness and sacrifice.

You can see it by the way women speak about their need to be seen as an equal rather than someone inferior. It’s not weakness, it’s power and authenticity.

You can see it by the way people fall in love over and over with various people in their life, never knowing when the right person may come and treat them right. It’s not weakness, it’s resilience and hope.

You see, the world may not admit it, but emotions are what fill life with purpose and fulfillment. It’s the one factor that many are afraid of yet crave. You have nothing to fear in showing your emotions, because it fuels you to be strong, confident, and authentic. Embracing yourself for what you truly feel is the moment you really start living—not for the world, but for yourself. In a world that breaks you enough to make you someone you don’t recognize, the best thing you can do is to stay warm.