This Man Called The Cops When He Found ‘Drugs’ In His Wife’s Purse, But What It Really Was Is Even Weirder


Some weird shit is going on in Wyoming, Minnesota.

The city has been making headlines the past few days, not because they have one of the most misleading names in the world (I can’t get over it), but because their police department has some fire tweets.


After their 4/20 tweet went viral, people started looking back at some of their old posts, where the police department tweeted out some of the bizarre calls they’d gotten. And none were more bizarre than this one.

That’s right. Apparently some guy called the police on his wife because he thought he found drugs in her purse. Except it wasn’t drugs. It was literally a broken cocktail umbrella.

People couldn’t handle the ridiculousness of the story. I mean, who the fuck doesn’t know what a cocktail umbrella is?


I can’t decide what’s worse: the fact that he thought a COCKTAIL UMBRELLA was drugs or the fact that he was actually going to turn in his wife.

Hope it was worth all those months he’s going to be sleeping on the couch.