This Man Gave Some Ridiculous ‘Delivery Instructions’ When Ordering His Pizza — But Dominos Actually Came Through


It’s always nice when you order from somewhere that let’s you type in some delivery instructions for the driver. Once I lived on the top floor of a pretty large apartment complex, and I’d tell them to bring my pizza alllllll tttthhhheee wayyyy upp. Just kidding, that’d be a real dick move. I told them to call my cell and I’d come down and pick it up in the lobby.

But this guy didn’t make a request about what the driver should do, but rather, who the delivery driver should be. There are many cases in which such a request would discriminatory and/or illegal, but in this case it is just hilarious:

Ford Reynolds asked Dominos to send their “baddest bitch” to delivery the pizza. To add extra emphasis on the request, he made sure to say “plzzzzz.”

Probably because they need good customer service to make up for their “ehh” pizza, Dominos actually came through. At least according to them:

But pics or it didn’t happen.

Look at that bad bitch. But was he the “baddest bitch??” It’s kinda hard to say, but it certainly looks like a good effort by Dominos.

Ford Reynolds posted this exchange on Twitter last Saturday where it quickly went viral, accumulating almost 85,000 Retweets.

Ford added some great clarity to the viral tweet later, saying “my twitter has been ruined ill never come back from this lmao,” and “idk how this happened i was hammered.”

Apparently Ford’s viral tweet has been stolen by not just one, but multiple other users on Twitter.

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