This May Be The Greatest Photo Of Rob Ford You Will Ever See


Last night my good friend Pete sent me a text about a surprise, celebrity guest at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He usually let’s me know about guests like Dave Chappelle or Louie CK, but I was shocked to hear that on this night the surprise appearance was made by none other than infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford. 

During his visit he was taking pictures with dozens of people in attendance including this magical photo:

That’s right, Jesus and Rob Ford were seen hanging out in LA. The two seemed to have really hit it off and may need a reality show soon.

If you’ve spend any time in the Hollywood area there’s a good chance you’ve seen Jesus wandering around and he’s always willing to take a picture, even if you aren’t a Canadian mayor. I suppose this is yet another thing to add to the similarities I have with Rob Ford:

I’m sure there are much more scandalous photos of the mayor out there, but the image of Rob Ford and Jesus hanging out like they’re in a TGIF sitcom may be my new favorite thing in the world.