This Mom Made A List Of Hilarious Toilet Rules That Every Parent Can Relate To


Whoever says parenting is a total blessing is a total liar. Are kids cute? Yes. Will they bring a smile to your face? I mean, sure. Will they make your life hell every now and then? Absolutely.

This mom couldn’t even catch a break when she needed to use the bathroom, so she decided to make her own set of rules for when she needs a little space to do her business.

Apparently, a lot of parents can relate. “This is the reason I don’t bother shutting the door to the bathroom anymore,” one Facebook commenter replied. “My two year old can’t seem to be without seeing me for longer than a minute. And honestly the cats are just as bad.”

Another suggested this helpful add-on: “Note: dad is in the lounge room, feel free to ask him!”

Next time you’ve got a free moment to yourself in the bathroom, just remember: it really is a blessing.