This Moment Is What Matters


At this point, we know how unpredictable life can suddenly become.

How one moment you’re floating moving along and vibing, then the next you’re free falling watching every decision you’ve made crumbling beside you.

As if rethinking anything will suddenly change what happened. As if contemplating and soaking in the what if’s will somehow reveal a different outcome.

When in all reality there is nothing beneficial that comes from overthinking what has already happened. There is no point in what if’s because all that matters is what is, at this moment.

And it’s so much easier said than done. Because being present is a practice. Accepting what is and learning how to be okay with what you can’t change is a practice.

Whether it’s accepting changes that seem to be happening at phases in which you can’t even comprehend at the moment. Or accepting someone exactly as they are. The way they might not be as thoughtful as you would like, or maybe not quite saying the right things or being unable to be there for you in the way you need.

You see the sooner you realize that the way people react, show affection or don’t is really out of your control you can’t force things to be exactly how you want them to be, not when it comes to other humans, not when it comes to life. We’re all complex and communicate is such different ways.

That’s why trusting timing and accepting people for who they are at this moment and not the potential of what you would like them to be, takes practice. The more you practice the less you fixate on what the outcome is.

This means dealing with the way you feel, your emotions and getting comfortable with honest conversations in which you are free to express what you are feeling.

When it comes to life there are many things I am uncertain of. However, one thing I am certain of is the present moment is the only thing that matters, like your breath it is the only thing that is here at this very moment. And this present moment will fade. A day, month, a year later this present moment won’t be replicated or experienced quite the same.

When I look back at this year, things couldn’t be any more different. Which is why I try so hard to take in every moment as best as I can to fully engage, connect just be. Granted it is work, or should I say practice because at times emotions can be a little heightened which is why trusting and remaining present is so important.

Now. Us. This moment