This Mother’s Response To Her Daughter Failing A Math Test Will Hit You Right In The Feels


Whoever says school isn’t hard is a liar and ought to be burned at the stake. Just kidding. But really. School is hard.

While it’s difficult enough to pass your classes as it is, it really doesn’t help when you add the stress of everything else to it — your social life, your extracurriculars and, perhaps most importantly, your parents.

This girl texted her mom about failing a math test and wasn’t sure what reaction she’d get, but her mother’s response was absolutely heartwarming.

All together now: awwwwww.

That’s the unconditional love we all need in our life (especially the one that feeds us every two hours because that’s honestly the purest kind).

People were definitely touched by the exchange.

Others mostly just couldn’t comprehend any mother ever being so understanding.

Honestly, no one should be surprised — this mother-daughter pair are just #goals in general.

Here’s to hoping that someday I might have the privilege to be that cool of a parent, and that my children will also care about our Snapchat streak as much as I will.