This Old Lady Poppin’ To Blurred Lines Is Everything


I know I put a post-Labor Day ban on all Blurred Lines related discussion, but there was no way I could’ve known that some sent-from-heaven (and let’s be real, probably headed back there soon) Grandpiece was going to gift the world with such a saucy exclamation point to end the conversation.

Everyone who put any effort into making commentary on the rape-tastic underpinnings of the Robin Thicke song via parody videos were really wasting their time. Turns out, to effectively turn the tables and make men understand how threatening and violating it is to be on the receiving end of unwelcome sexual advances, all we ever needed was one non-fuck-giving old lady making a dude feel supremely uncomfortable with the daintiest pelvic thrusts in history.

If this old woman belongs to you, please tell her to tweet ‘yes’ or ‘no’ per her willingness to adopt me and teach me her ways.