This One’s For All The True Friends In Our Lives


The truest group of friends can be the hardest to find. At different points in your life, you finally come across those real and genuine people that stick with you throughout life.

They are the needles in the haystacks, the golden tickets, the ones that truly stay by your side through it all.

You’ll always find them when you least expect it but need them the most. They’re your go-to life gurus, the ones that swear you should pay them to be your therapist. The ones who have your back, and you do the same for them in return.

The handful of friends that truly see you for you. They’ve seen your house a mess, seen you without makeup, and brought you food when you’re sick. The friends that call you just to check on you and the ones that call when they feel something is off. They always know and they always will. These types of friends are the cream of the crop and are there by your side for life.

They have seen you at your lowest low and are there to help you pick the pieces back up and mend your broken heart. They are there blazing with honesty when something or someone doesn’t sit right with them. Their brutal honesty might be hard to accept at first but later on you thank them when you realize why. They are there with you at your highest high and are there to cheer you on.

If any length of time passes by, you just pick up where you left off—no awkwardness, no silence.

They’re the friends you can tell your most embarrassing stories to and the ones that tell you when you have food stuck on your teeth. The friends that will bring wine and will laugh with you when you both realize you overcooked the chicken and it came out a little dry. Just have more wine and skip right to dessert!

They’re the friends who genuinely care about your health and mental health. The ones you can be real with and it’s okay for them to see inside your heart. They’re not blood, but they definitely are family.

To all the friends that have seen us when we are less than perfect and still make us feel seen. To all the friends that love us even when we feel unloveable. To all the friends that just know, even without knowing. To all the friends that make us laugh until we cry. To all the friends that keep us grounded when we’re on Cloud Nine. To all the friends that bring light in the darkest of times. To all the friends who simply love us for who we really are.

To all the friends with such beautiful hearts, thank you, because such friendships are truly hard to find.