This Police Department Devised The Perfect Plan To Catch Stoners On 4/20


Happy 4/20, one and all! Even if you’re not into “smoking the weeds,” as my roommate likes to say, you probably still know that today is a pretty important date to stoners everywhere. For those of you who will be partaking in areas where it’s not strictly legal, you might want to be cautious — there will definitely be cops on the lookout today.

Like these cops from Wyoming, Minnesota. I’m going to ignore the fact that they come from a city with a very misleading name and focus on what really matters: they’ve got a pretty solid plan to catch all the stoners in the area.

Good luck, kiddos.

Other city offices found the trap pretty clever and are probably jealous that they didn’t think of similar solutions.

Others were quick to point out that those out-of-date video games weren’t about to lure anyone in, much less stoners.

And some people just honestly weren’t impressed.

You can’t please everyone, I suppose.

However, the police department also wanted to use the publicity for what they considered a more serious message.

Whether you think it’s funny or not, you gotta give them points for trying.