This Rapper Shut Down A Fan’s Sexist Comment By Kicking Him Out Of His Concert And We’re So Here For It


Do you know what I love? Men who call out other men for sexism and poor treatment toward women. Like British rapper Loyle Carner, who kicked one fan out of his concert for being sexist.

Carner was set to perform at the University of East Anglia when the fan allegedly began shouting sexist abuse atย Elisa Imperilee, Carner’s supporting act. But Carner does not put up with that shit, and he shut it down immediately.

He called the man out in the crowd and told him he had to go. After the man was escorted out, Carner said, “Well now that that sexist guy’s not here do you wanna have some fucking fun?”

But this goes beyond just Carner’s concert โ€” apparently the rapper got the man banned from the venue for life.

People tweeted out their support and gratitude for Carner, because how often does a male artist actually kick someone out of their concert for treating a female artist badly?

Imperilee also took to Twitter to thank Carner.

Can more artists start doing this, please? If we show it’s unacceptable, maybe we can put an end to sexist abuse.