This Real Talk Tumblr Post Is For Anyone Who Has Been Guilted For Not Dating Someone


Too often in relationships we are unfairly guilted. If we don’t like someone back, we are tagged as a horrible person who just won’t give them a chance.

If we decide against the second date, we are an heartless bitch / fuckboy.

If we decide to break up because it just isn’t working, we are manipulated and prodded into staying together.

It’s not fair to us or to anyone really.

This tough love Tumblr post reassured me about my choices and my life experiences. It’s a really good read if you’ve ever been treated this way. Take a look:

The original poster got some criticism later:

But responded to that too:

And I agree 100%. I support all my friends with mental illnesses, but you should never feel obligated to stay in a relationship — or enter one — if it is unhealthy for you.