This Rogue RadioShack Facebook Page Gave Its Customers A Hilarious ‘Fuck You’ After The Store Was Shut Down


Never have I thought that a RadioShack would make me laugh so hard, but here we are. This is the future.

A store located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio closed just weeks after RadioShack filed for bankruptcy in March, but it had a lot it wanted to say to its customers before it went.

Damn, RadioShack, I didn’t know you had it in you.

TBH, I totally forgot RadioShack even existed (didn’t we all?), which is maybe why there’s so much resentment in its goodbye. But that wasn’t the only message it left for its customers before it slipped off into the sweet abyss of nothingness:

It also updated its profile picture to this beauty:

And let’s not forget the cover photo, in which it changed its sign to say “adios”:

Maybe I’m crazy but it feels like I was this RadioShack in a past life.

People seemed more amused than offended, honestly.

The Facebook account is apparently a “rogue” account, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake, but it does mean that the official RadioShack company doesn’t endorse or authorize it. In fact, RadioShack’s official response to the account is actually just as funny as the rest of it:

Never in a million years did I ever think I’d say this, but you keep me young, RadioShack.