This Spring Breaker Finally Apologized After The Internet Called Him Out For Using A Live Shark To Shotgun A Beer


PSA: If you’re heading out to the beach for Spring Break, please do not use the sea life to fulfill your alcoholic needs. Not only is it not classy, it’s also pretty cruel.

Spring Breaker Giorgio D’Auria found out the hard way when his stunt went viral via Total Frat Move. After catching a shark while fishing, he used one of its teeth to open his beer.

While the video may have garnered him a lot of attention, it probably wasn’t the kind he was interested in getting. The student, who is originally from Brazil, became the target of a whole lot of hate from people who called for his expulsion from school and hoped he would become the victim of a shark attack.

D’Auria took to Facebook to apologize for the mishap.

“I am not recommending or incentivizing anybody else to do such a thing,” D’Auria wrote. “Shortly after it was posted, I realized that it was not a kind act or a smart idea in any way.”

Well, you sure are right about that, buddy.

“Please be forgiving, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this,” he finished. “People make mistakes. That is why there are erasers at the end of every pencil.”

Hopefully D’Auria and other Spring Breakers can learn from the incident. Sure, it may sound cool to shotgun a beer using a shark, but that doesn’t mean it’s smart.