This Story Has An End


Someone once told me that all relationships have a beginning, a middle, and an end. “it happens to all of them,” she said. For some odd reason, I overanalyzed that statement over and over again on that specific day, because that thought had obviously occurred to me once or twice, but I didn’t exactly dwell much on it.

I get that this is a rather pessimistic point of view. But keep scrolling down if you’re in for the heartbreak road as well.

Most people don’t even realize when it’s over. I would also like to go as far as saying that no, not all relationships come to an end. But as far as it goes, I fully came to terms that when it has indeed ended, we refuse to believe so. We just keep hanging by a thread, holding tight to every tiny hope of moving forward to better days.

I looked past your careless behavior. I overlooked when you spent the matter of six months without even making mention of saying “I love you.” I ignored that I always had to keep tabs on you just to make sure that you weren’t going out with someone behind my back (old habits die hard).

I chose not to let it bother me when I sometimes showed up craving your attention and you would bluntly say that you weren’t the type to offer loving words. I willingly let you get away with ignoring my stories while I paid full attention to every word that came out of your mouth. I agreed to let you out of my social media to “keep our privacy”, even when you knew how proud of us I used to be.

I guess it gets to a point where it’s over before you even get the chance to accept it. I guess you also always recognize the moments when you let essential pieces of yourself go in order to fit into somebody else’s life. You diminish your wishes and even aspirations just to fulfill somebody else’s needs.

One day, you open your eyes. You look back and you miss who you used to be. On a funny day, you stare deep into those eyes that you would’ve died for and you don’t get butterflies in your stomach anymore. On a distinct day, you open your mouth to speak out your feelings and the words actually come out. At some point, you snap out of it, just as fast as you got sucked into it.

And there’s your ending.