This Student Accidentally Sent His Hilarious Response To An Email About Cougar Sitings To The Entire School And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing


When they say college will be the best years of your life, they’re definitely not talking about the classes or the ridiculous amount of time you’ll spend writing essays in the library. In reality, you’ll never again live an environment where crazy shenanigans are just considered normal. The oddly inappropriate graffiti? The infamous streakers? The epic pranks? It’s all a lot more memorable than the classes, that’s for sure.

Twitter user Lauren Devine knows what I mean. When her school sent out a email about cougar sitings around campus, students made plenty of jokes about it, but one kid did what everyone else was afraid to do and sent the most epic response ever.

And I’m not exactly sure who this guy was trying to respond to, but he accidentally sent this beautiful message to the entire school:

Okay, come on, you totally know you were thinking the same thing when you read about the “cougar sitings.”

I feel a little bad for the dude’s mom, though. Hopefully she doesn’t find out or his ass is grass.

Or maybe she’ll find it funny, like this mom, who totally appreciated the humor and wordplay.

What can I say? If I were than man’s mother, I’d be proud.