This Student Found Out Her Dad Wasn’t Really Her Father Because Of A School Project And The Whole Story Is Wild


You always hear stories about people finding out that their parents aren’t their real parents, but you never expect it to happen to you. In fact, this biology student probably never would have found out had it not been for a school project that revealed a crazy family secret that completely changed her life forever.

Twitter user Anya told the story of the student, who was in her class, and you’ve got to admit that even when it’s told secondhand, it’s pretty wild.

Naturally, it all started when they were talking about blood types.

Now this is when things actually get crazy.

Okay, that’s pretty genuinely terrible. But it only gets worse:

Yeah, okay, what a shitty school project. I can’t even imagine what I would do if I found out a super dark family secret because of a biology class. I don’t even like science when it ISN’T ruining my family life.

I guess this is a warning to all you parents out there: if you’re hiding some parental secret from your kids, tell them before they get to high school. You know, just in case.