This These Terrible Casting Calls For Female Characters Show How Hollywood Has Failed Women


Finding strong women in movies and TV is harder than you’d think. Though we have our exceptions — for example, Gal Gidot in Wonder Woman or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games — for the most part, female characters definitely follow a certain trope that banks on their attractiveness and revolves around the men in the plot.

Freelance writer Danielle Sepulveres definitely made a point when she tweeted out photos of these casting calls for female characters, all which seem ridiculous and over-the-top.

Seriously. Some of the roles require women who can “almost be a porcelain doll”, who are “desperate for attention and will to whatever it takes to get it”, and who lives life “in a dreamland half the time.”

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. Casting directors are also looking for people to fit a character who is “struggling to be an actress and leg model in Hollywood, while waiting for Johnny to finally call her his girlfriend” and someone who doesn’t just dress like sex, but who IS sex. Like, she is actually sex.

Like honestly, have the writers of these shows/movies ever actually met a woman IRL or are these just straight out of their weird porno fantasies???

While the descriptions of these characters are laughable and easy to make fun of (because trust me, I am making fun of them), it also shows what women in Hollywood have to deal with daily — being reduced to characters that have little depth, who all seem like shades of the same character and whose sexuality defines them.

We always applaud screenwriters and producers for creating strong female characters, but honestly, shouldn’t it be a given by now? Why are we still praising people who write women as if they’re actually people instead of starting to expect it from them? And, dear god, if you’re planning to write about women, at least make them interesting enough that loving to “gaze deeply into people’s eyes” isn’t one of their biggest character descriptions. Otherwise, just stick to your cast of “intriguing”, “deep”, “complicated” men  — if you’re writing about shit like this, I have a feeling the lack of women wouldn’t change the plotline much anyway.

Come on, Hollywood, it’s 2017 — get with the times.