This Time I’m Being The Carefree Girl


I told myself to be carefree
to just have fun
to enjoy you because I could
because I wanted to
but I’m back at my place
minutes after we kissed goodbye on the street corner
and the taste of your mouth lingers
I can feel your hands wrapped around my neck and face
pulling me closer
hugging me tightly

saying this feels so amazing, thank you for my birthday present, you in particular, those cowboy boots are just so sexy
and those moments when you kiss my forehead and stare at me with longing
I want you to say it
say you like me
say you want more

don’t hold back cause you’re scared
but I told myself to be carefree
to just have fun
so I’m deleting your number so I don’t reach out until you text first
and I’m putting myself to bed to dream a sweet dream of you and your touch
so I can feel carefree instead of the longing for more

and then you text goodnight.