This Town’s Only Homeless Shelter Is Banning All Women And The Reason Will Make Your Head Spin


Williamsburg, Kentucky is a city of roughly five-thousand people with a median income of only $18,000.

With a median income that low, and population so small, the town only has one homeless shelter. That shelter is “Emergency Christian Ministries.”

Emergency Christian Ministries has recently decided to close its doors to all women and children.

The reason?

Because people are having sex at the shelter, and apparently nobody can stop it.

“It seems like these last days it’s getting worse … the ungodly type,” Director Billy Woodward told local news.

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So, let me get this straight: a few people have had sex, so you chuck out an entire gender?

Oh, and the shelter’s explanation for why it’s women specifically they are banning is rich:

Woodward said they have more men than women at the shelter […]

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Wasn’t the whole Christian faith founded by a guy who couldn’t find room at the inn??

Inexplicably, the director explains his decision to ban children as an extension of the “woman issue:”

“Right now, no because of the female factor,” Woodward said.

BUT WAIT, The Christian generosity shines through in the end —

However, Woodward added he would accept a male child if his father and he were homeless.

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So, the town’s only homeless shelter has banned an entire gender and children. What is the response from the city’s fearless leadership?

[The Mayor] said he does not want to pass judgment on the shelter director’s decision, but said it is “not something the city feels should be done.”

Wow. Much impressed. I’m sure the freezing women and children will be totally down with you refusing to stand up against this incredibly sexist decision.

Woodward said he made his decision based on the Bible.

I think Woodward should say the decision was based on his interpretation of the Bible. And it’s a bad one. I’m no theologian, but I’m guessing the Jesus that flipped shit tables in the temple would tell you to let everyone in.