This Trump Supporter Tweeted A Racist Conspiracy Theory About The Alabama Election And The Responses Are Hilarious


You know what I love? A good conspiracy theory. Do you know what I love a lot less? A racist conspiracy theory. But it’s 2017 and here we are.

As most of you know, Doug Jones won the election this week over Roy Moore, an upset that’s been making rounds through the news cycle. According to the stats, Jones’s victory is thanks to black voters, especially black women, who overwhelmingly overwhelmingly for him.

Bill Mitchell, a famously outspoken Trump supporter, had some words about Jones’s victory. Words he probably should have kept to himself, honestly, because when strung together in a coherent sentence, it became one wild, idiotic conspiracy theory about black voters.

Okay, dumbass. Do you really think people can just walk across the state line and vote despite, I don’t know, not having Alabama I.D.s and not being registered in Alabama? Does that sound a little stupid, Bill? Huh??

Apparently it’s much more likely that PoC “cheated” in the election than that they were, I don’t know, pissed that people wanted to vote in an alleged pedophile who said things were much better in a time when slavery existed. Luckily, the great people of Twitter know how to run with a tweet and turn it into a total joke, which is what they did — by “comfirming” Bill’s fears.

And it just gets crazier (and funnier) from there.

Even Oprah was involved.

And Harriet Tubman is back!

If Bill wants to report rumors, then so will we.

God, I love the Internet.