This TV Show You Must Watch Is Coming Back, And There’s Still Time To Catch Up!


So there is this television series that I have been passing up because of the network it airs on. Nothing against USA Network, but the last show I remember watching on that network were reruns of “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” back in the 90s. After overhearing a few people talk about Suits over and over again, despite my bias towards USA Network, I decided to give it a go. The big problem when trying to find a binge stream for Suits, was that it wasn’t on Netflix.

Being conditioned to not spend any money on television series beyond the monthly recurring costs of Netflix, it led me to Amazon Prime Instant Video, something I was already paying for with Amazon Prime, but never really used. After figuring out that I could watch Suits on my TV from my Xbox One (or Apple TV) with Amazon Prime Instant Video, I gave the first episode a shot, and was instantly hooked. And here’s why:

1. The Story

No spoilers, but the story behind Suits is extremely compelling. The story revolves around a high powered law firm who takes in a young outcast in a world of silver spoon Harvard attorneys. A bit different than the flawed heroes we may be used to in Walter White and Dexter Morgan, Suits provides an underdog who himself isn’t flawed but the situation in which he rises in contains the flaw. While this may sound a bit convoluted, the story still has you rooting for someone where something feels a bit off.

2. Harvey Specter

One of the stars of the show is a Gordon Gekko-esque lawyer named Harvey Specter with a twist. Harvey is a corporate assassin in a suit, who delivers some solid (yet sometimes corny) lines, and steals the series. Harvey Specter won’t ever be as well known or revered as Walter White, but you’ll appreciate his character none the less.

3. Suits Doesn’t Take Itself Too Serious

With the series being centered around a high powered law firm, you would expect a deeply serious show, but Suits is anything but. Suits would be considered a drama, but it is laced with subtle comedy and “The Sting” like maneuvers within the show.

If you’re looking for a new series to binge watch that has some of the drama of House of Cards, mixed with some subtle comedy, Suits is the show for you! Season 4 debuts fairly soon (next week) so you have plenty of time to burn through the first three seasons, especially this weekend!