This Twitter Fight Between Donald Trump And A ‘Modern Family’ Writer Is Still Hilarious Two Years Later


A 2013 Twitter exchange between Media Mogul Donald Trump and “Modern Family” writer Danny Zuker has resurfaced this week, but it remains just as hilarious two years later.

The exchange began in early April with the two trading barbs over Trump’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice:”

The two lovers were reunited once more in a series of mid-May spats after Zuker played off a typical arrogant Trump tweet.

Trump tried to rally with a zinger of his own, but it was a big fat flop.

And Trump tries to be funny again…

No amount of Twitter-stalking could help me figure out what this “deal” was that Trump kept offering Zuker, but he was pretty obsessive about it…


But the show had barely just begun. Danny was quick to react to this June 12th, 2013 tweet from The Donald regarding China, and it all started up again.

Some more potshots for Donald Trump’s birthday a few days later…

…while also poking fun at his tendency to retweet people by copying and pasting their comments in a new tweet, rather than, ya know, actually just retweeting them:

But alas, nothing lasts forever.

What makes this story the best, however, is the fact that this went viral again with the assumption that the arguments had happened this last past June and July! Ergo, Donald Trump has remained just as egocentric, arrogant, and unfunny over the course of the last two years. Good for you Donald, not being a flip-flopper!