This Video Of A Drunk Girl Ruining A Wedding Will Instantly Make You Feel Better About Everything


We’ve all had those moments where we get drunk and do something stupid in public. If you are Kristen Wiig, you don’t even need alcohol to completely tank your best friend’s bridal shower, just a healthy amount of spite and a nice shame spiral. (I call this “my 2012.”)

Everyone’s been there but in this video from Heineken, one woman really went there, taking “Go Big Or Go Home” to a whole other level. She commits. I sincerely wish that for the video someone had the fortitude to yell, “She doesn’t even go here!” just as it all fell down.

Thus, I present to you, without further ado, this staged video of a woman getting drunk and completely ruining the wedding she was attending — which will prove to you that you’re doing much better than you think. As they say, schaedenfreude is the best medicine.


Warning: Ladies, don’t try this at home. Next time, save the poledancing for the club, where you know that thing is sturdier than you are.

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