This Will Happen When Your Appetite For Success Is Impossible To Satisfy


Many would agree with me that ”successful” indicates a certain number of self-made dollars and pennies. Even more people would agree with me that a ”bigger success” comes from someone who started with absolutely nothing. Someone who comes from a poor family who struggle day-by-day to scrape money together to eat a decent supper.

It is the perfect, cookie-cutter successful story to inspire generations to come, right?

Only when the curtains drop and you start to seek behind the scene after the show has ended for the day, you will witness what is really going down. To be precise, what is really going down in the mind of the constant hungry man for success. Remember, this is the same man who has achieved success in all its glory with his own hard work and determination that won the respect from many all across the world. It’s what he deserves because he worked for it with his own bare hands, standing with his brave posture while he sacrificed a lot for it. 

‘End well, all well,” you’d think?

Imagine reaching the point that you don’t have to worry about financial matters at all. Imagine earning that much, that you could buy a house for each one of your four daughters. Imagine that.

Wouldn’t you be feeling out of the world? Wouldn’t you be unable to comprehend how proud and grateful you are feeling?

It’s the ultimate success in many eyes. It’s what we all secretly hope we can do it too. For ourselves and for our (future) children.

What if success is never enough? What if one thinks it can always get better, always be more?

For some, they have gotten enough on their plates and are already satisfied with what’s been served in front of them. They are grateful for the betterment that came with success. They make sure to slow down and actually ingesting what they have made out of nothing. Those people possess a healthy appetite and know when to stop chewing and sit still to digest properly without their bodies failing them.

Then, you have those with an infinite appetite. Never really tasting what they are putting inside their mouths but only to fill in the bottomless pit of success.

They keep stuffing themselves – not to stop the feeling of hunger – but to feel high for the constant hunt for the nauseously sweet taste of success.

With a hole in their stomach, it’s impossible to satisfy their appetite. Without digesting the essence and nutrients of the effects of success, they would never able to repair the hole. Instead, they swallow it down in one big gulp without ever tasting and appreciating the authentic flavor of their own self-made success.

When your appetite for success is impossible to satisfy – you will seek as many ways as possible to still try to satisfy it.

It keeps you awake during nights while your stomach growls aloud underneath the blankets. As the sun rises up the next morning, the hunger continues. For days. For months and even for years. You try everything and start to lose the rationality to make logical decisions. In the worst-case scenario, you will end up in your own bottomless pit, unable to see what’s in front of you and impossible to climb out, feeling the slippery surface of spilt melted sugar of previously undenied success underneath your feet. You will notice your own presence when you reach out for help but no one pulls you out, however long you are waiting.

Because people eventually will get tired, hurt and fed up. They could have helped you to satisfy your appetite but you never wanted to listen.

When your appetite for success is impossible to satisfy, you could hurt a lot of people along the way even though if they try to help you. You would run in circles of marathons, only to find out that you didn’t make one single step ahead of you. You would end up in a dead-end alley with the brutally honest truth pasted on the brick wall in front of you, shouting in capital letters:

”You lost everything, are you satisfied now?”