This Will Never Happen Again, But It Happened


Sometime between the day I first photographed Manhattan and the day I wrote about my first uptown naked party, a New York based website called Thought Catalog approached me about republishing some of my articles.

I said yes, and I’ve been contributing material occasionally ever since. TC has a much bigger audience — most of the Eastern Seaboard’s twenty-somethings, I think — and I know many of my readers found Raptitude by reading Thought Catalog. Some of my pieces hit it bigger there than they ever did on Raptitude — How to Make Trillions of Dollars made the front page of Reddit, which would have crashed my site if it had been linked directly.

Thought Catalog has an ebook division, and over the last few months I’ve worked with them to assemble a collection of Raptitude articles into a book, called This Will Never Happen Again.

Since very early in my blog’s life, fans have been bugging me to both release a Best-Of compilation and give them a way to read Raptitude articles on their Kindle. The time has come. The book is available now, through both Amazon and Apple’s iBookstore.

This Will Never Happen Again contains revised and repolished versions of classic Raptitude articles, including “A Day in the Future,” “Die on Purpose,” and “What Love is Not,” along with an opening essay and a previously unreleased article called “The Bedtime Ritual.”

I want to clarify that you do not need a Kindle or e-reader to read it. You can download Amazon’s free Kindle app for your computer or mobile device here. It takes two seconds.

Also, if you like it, please leave a favorable review on Amazon or iTunes.

Thank you, I love you people.

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