This Woman And Her GF Shared The Same Photo With Hilariously Different Captions And People On Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing


We all know that one couple that shares all the same photos, so you end up seeing them twice. There’s always one person in the equation who is superior at it — either they edit the photo better, or they size it differently, or they just have a better caption. It’s like a rule of law.

Twitter user Lillie and her girlfriend Maggie are definitely that couple. The thing is, when they post their photos, they go in COMPLETELY different directions.

In this photo, Lillie went with a softer caption, quoting a particularly pretty Kehlani song.

Maggie on the other hand… well…

Okay, I am DYING.

Some people needed some time…

… but when they got it…

… they definitively got it.

What can you say? There’s a place for romance, and there’s a place for really fucking great puns. Sometimes you just need both.