This Woman Came Up With A Genius Way To Sneak Snacks Into The Movies And You’re Going To Wish You’d Thought Of It Sooner


I have honestly spent a large majority of my life trying to figure out the best way to sneak food into the movies without getting called out by the people who work there. Because let’s be serious, who can actually afford $15 popcorn and $10 drinks? I’m a broke ass Millennial here and there’s no way my budget allows for anything more than the $15 movie ticket.

But people are finding innovative ways to beat the system and I’m living for it. Take this girl, who found the actual perfect solution to my problem:

Okay, I’m sorry but this is genius. I’ve never cared for the whole “pregnancy” thing, but if it allows me to eat my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in peace, I think I can make an exception.

People were definitely impressed with Angela, because duh, she’s the next Einstein.

Let’s just say we expect to see a LOT of pregnant people walking around in the next few months.

Time to go dig up my mom’s old maternity clothes.