This Woman Found A Hilariously Perfect Prank To Ward Off Every Fuckboy Who Asks For Nudes


Oh, the age old question: “Nudes?” At least, it is if you’re a fuckboy in today’s dating culture. Plenty of girls have been hit with the question even by guys they don’t actually know, which is pretty concerning when you think about it. Why the hell do dudes think they’re entitled to anything?

But Twitter user @saucynatt found the perfect way to get rid of all the fuckboys (and WITHOUT having them freak out on you for being a “bitch”). You just have to outsmart them.

This is honestly one of the most genius things I’ve ever seen. How have I not thought of it before?

People have some other great ideas to add to the mix, too.

You know what to do, ladies. Next time anyone tries to get you to send nudes, just hit them with that “Attachment: 1 Image” text.