This Woman Made Her Tinder Profile Into A Powerpoint Explaining Why You Should Date Her And It’s Hilarious


Honestly, it’s pretty hard to stand out on Tinder these days. Unless you’ve got an incredibly cute puppy in your first pic or have a very obscure reference to one of my favorite TV shows on your bio, I probably won’t distinguish you from anyone else I’ve swiped right on. Everyone is just one giant collective “Tinder Boy.”

So, how do you get people to remember who you are? Well, you could take this woman’s route and turn your profile into a powerpoint explaining just why you deserve that Super Like.

She breaks down her life into easy-to-read categories, like “avocados” and “meme sharing.” Honestly, what isn’t there to love?

She also lays out all her talents so you know what a catch she truly is.

You want cute dogs? She’s got cute dogs! (Well, kind of.)

Just take a look at what other people have to say to her. She’s five stars, hands down.

Seriously, why not???

Honestly, if your Tinder profile isn’t a powerpoint, are you even on Tinder? Think about it.