This Woman Used Twitter To Find A Date To Her Sister’s Wedding, But Little Did She Know She Would Marry Him Three Years Later


Sometimes fate works in the weirdest ways. What starts out as a joke can turn into something more β€” and I mean much, much more.

Twitter-user Llia Apostolou needed a date for her sister’s wedding back in 2014, almost exactly three years from today. She decided to take to the Internet to see what she could find.

One lucky man volunteered. Little did he know, what started out as a Twitter flirtation would become something more.

Let’s just say it was pretty obvious they had some great chemistry.

So why am I talking about a Twitter conversation that happened years ago? Because guess what? That joke became a little too real, and the pair just got married IRL.

No, seriously.

This is actually Twitter (and dating) goals.

Though Llia admitted that they didn’t actually go to her sister’s wedding together, it’s still a pretty crazy coincidence.

We’re all just really happy for (and jealous of) them.

I guess it’s time to delete Tinder, upgrade my Twitter profile and tweet like my love life depends on it.