This Woman’s Eye Makeup Was Inspired By All Your Favorite ‘90s Kid Shows And People On Twitter Are Obsessed


Makeup artists honestly floor me. I’ve been packing on the foundation for years and I still have no idea to master the artistry some people put into their looks. That doesn’t stop me from (badly) trying, though.

Twitter user Gabi proved the true talent that goes into makeup artistry by turning all our favorite ’90s kids shows into eye makeup.

Just look at the detail she uses, like the crown in the Fairly Odd Parents-inspired look.

But honestly, they’re all pretty gorgeous.

Honestly, I’m OBSESSED, and I’m not alone.

Some people had some criticisms, but also, do any of you realize how much time and effort it takes to do each one? I’d like to see you try it.

Honestly, Gabi deserves all the recognition she gets.

Now will someone please make me a High School Musical-inspired version?