This Year, Be Kind To Yourself


Yes, the year 2016 had been brimming with unfortunate events, yet it had opened our eyes to the limitless possibilities that we can realize in the brand-new year that is to come. With a fresh perspective and heightened awareness, we grow to understand that each year is the same—in that every year is merely part of a continuum in which we continue to move and subsist.

We use years to punctuate our continuous stream of memories and everyday life, but if we live well every day of our lives, the years seem to dissipate and become irrelevant.

We may come up with grand resolutions and well wishes for 2017, yet we tend to forget that each year is grounded on a series of everydays that we have to go through, and that each precious day should be lived out with a constant purpose—to go through each single day with enough courage and faith that can withstand the chaos in our everyday lives.

This coming year, do not look too far ahead, but don’t look back too far behind either. Instead, take small yet steady strides from where you are now.

Try not to get entangled by your woes about the distant future nor fret about the things that cannot be changed from yesterday. Truth is, it’s the little things that we do everyday that would constitute how our year would turn out to be.

We can either self-label it as a good or a bad one, but a year is actually just a unit of time that remains impartial and unbending to each one of us.

So as you welcome 2017, do not ask it to be kind to you—just be kind to yourself, all-year round.