This Year, I’m Creating A New Life For Myself


This year, my biggest intention is to create a new life for myself. The one I’ve fought for. The one I’ve worked day and night and conquered mountains for. The one I’ve put in the effort and continue to put in the effort to live.

I’m not settling for the things that only feel good sometimes this year. There’s no room for contingency when it comes to anything that selectively waters me—I need sunshine. I’m acknowledging my worth and my power to curate just that.

I’m going to love the people who show up and silently but wholly forgive the ones who don’t. My energy is going to find abundance in the loyalty and in the commitment of those who remind me that they are there and ready to celebrate all walks of life together.

I’m going to celebrate the little things more, because God knows they are actually the big ones. I’m going to be mindful to not take anything for granted because I know moments passed without being felt are the most painful of them all.

I’m going to move so far forward from the belief systems I created out of anxiety, the relationships I started out of lingering trauma, and any disruption that stemmed from fear. I let that girl go. And I let every single person that girl touched go too.

I’m taking responsibility for the parts I actively played in not becoming a better version of myself. The parts that felt disingenuous because they had layers to work through on top of them.

The woman I am now is not the same girl I was last year.

She knows what she wants.

She wants more for herself.

She knows what she deserves.

She knows how to be honest with herself.

She’s not afraid to say sorry.

She’s not afraid to learn new things.

She doesn’t take things personally.

She loves with new depths.

She has a vision.

My year is going to be filled with new opportunities, the most life-changing milestones, and the readiness for good things to happen at all times. I’m ready to hold things loosely, ready for it all to unfold exactly how it’s meant to.

I’m creating a new life for myself this year—one that has evolved as I have, and one that will continue to.