This YouTube Video Explains The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (In Case You Don’t Get It)


I understand that many have their own personal views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Additionally, I know it’s a subject that not many are willing to talk (and get into heated debates) about. This is just one video that may get many of you thinking. I’m not saying I agree with the video, nor am I saying I disagree. After watching this, I feel very indifferent. Maybe, others of you will too.

I have friends both of who are strong supporters of the Israeli and others who fight for the justice of the Palestinians in Israel. For a long time, it was always hard for me to understand who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’ — until I realized that there really is no right and wrong and this entire conflict is, in my opinion, bogus.

In many ways, I agree that there should be a Jewish country, as there are plenty of Muslim countries. (See how I said countries and not country in regards to Muslims, and country in regards to Jews?) But at the same time, these people may have different religious beliefs, but why does that mean they need separate countries?

Maybe this video has been extremely bias against Muslims, but at the same time, they have been rejecting peace offerings. How are they supposed to achieve peace if they constantly fail to accept any compromise? They cannot take everything they want and expect Jews to have nothing. This whole thing is just too complicated to understand. The more I get into it the more confused I get. All I hope is for these two amazing cultures, who are more similar than not, to finally get along.