Thoughts on ABC’s My Generation


I saw a preview of My Generation on Youtube. It said the show is about people who graduated in 2000 and what they’re doing ten years later. I was like, “Oh my god, this is about me!” I danced around my living room excited to find out television has finally decided to take my generation seriously.

The show’s premise is that ten years ago, when the characters were in high school, a documentary was made of their lives. And ten years later, another documentary crew has returned to see how they’re doing.

During the high school documentary, the characters are young, fresh-faced ‘90s kids that dream of being rock stars, famous athletes, having a family, etc.

Ten years later, they aren’t doing any of those things, of course. In turn, I began to think of myself. If someone would have asked me in high school what I’d be doing ten years later, the answer would not have been finishing my senior year of college, checking something called eight times a day, reading Hipster Runoff, having several books that didn’t make any money, never moving out of Ohio and having terrible skin problems.

I would have answered something like, “High school social studies teacher living in California.”