Time To Spill The Tea: 30 Celebrity Rumors That Might Actually Be True


These celebrity rumors from Ask Reddit might not be true, but a lot of people believe them.

1. Natalie Wood was murdered, she didn’t fall off the boat. Her husband (Robert Wagner) killed her and Christopher Walken was a witness but he will never say anything.

2. Marilyn Monroe didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered.

3. Mel Gibson is the sperm donor for Jodie Foster’s kids – one of many reasons why she always supports him (and heralded his return from “exile”).

4. Britney Spears is being held captive by her father/the conservatorship as a way to keep her working and earning money for everyone downstream.

5. Khloe Kardashian is OJ Simpson’s daughter.

6. Katie Holmes and Tom cruises marriage was a contract.

7. Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy Sullivan’s death wasn’t an accident, it was a suicide. Brompton Cocktail was his song about how and why, Fiction was his suicide note.

8. Beyonce faked her pregnancy with Blue Ivy

I was dating a girl in LA who was a nurse at the hospital where Beyonce supposedly gave birth. She told me how when Beyonce came in they closed everything off and brought in the surrogate. I can’t remember all the specifics, but this girl was 100% convinced Beyonce was not the one giving birth to that baby.

9. There is an rumor that James Charles is convincing straight men to be gay so he can trick them into dating him I think that that might actually be true.

10. Jay Z and Rihanna had an affair.

11. That although Demi Lovato has been a huge advocate for against bullying that she was the bully in her school. She has given interviews portraying that she was the victim of bullying during her years in public school. However, people that attended the school the same time as her paint a different picture of her. Saying she was no way a victim and that she was actually one of the bully.

12. Will smith and Jada are definitely swingers.

13. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are lesbian lovers.

14. I don’t know how Brittany Murphy or her husband died, but the official story is bullshit.

15. The CIA killed JFK.

16. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence hooked up.

17. Charlie Sheen throws orgy&coke parties, pays porn stars to attend as guests and has each of them sign NDA’s at the door. I’ve been in the porn industry for going on 3 years, this is a fact. I don’t know who else he invites, though I’m assuming his crowd is predominantly famous.

18. That Kim K/Ray J sex tape was deliberately leaked by her publicist.

19. John Travolta is a closet homosexual who hangs out a gyms late at night hoping to get laid by a young fit guy.

20. Britney Spears’s famous “meltdown” where she shaved her head was a planned move.

She was going through a rough divorce and was entering a fight for custody. There’s a very good chance she had some drugs in her system, but was going sober. Regardless, long locks of hair hold the records of drug use for some time. It was a calculated risk that she could have a “meltdown” from all the touring, shave her head because of the “stress” and remove any evidence that might have cost her her kids in the long term.

21. There isn’t significant evidence that Walt Disney was antisemitic or that he was significantly more racist than what was considered normal for the time. I believe these rumors were pushed by the Disney corporations competitors to hurt their hegemony. It didn’t work.

22. Sonics design was a marketing decision, same with that Starbucks cup, the logo was facing the camera.

23. Ed Sheeran had a secret relationship with Courteney Cox and possibly got her pregnant but she had complications and lost the baby. In his song “Take It Back” he talks about sleeping with a movie star and “adding to the population.” There was also an interview with one of them where they mentioned that Courteney lets Ed live in her house rent free.

24. Jamie Hewlett miiiight be Banksy.

25. Taylor Swift is absolutely a professional beard. She’s dated one too many confirmed bachelor seeming gentleman to be anything but.

26. I’m 100% confident that Elliott Smith was murdered. The circumstances don’t  make any sense for a suicide.

27. Melania was all set to leave her malignant narcissist husband before he unexpectedly won the election. It’s hard for me to believe that there’s any genuine love there, on either side.

28. Call it great on-screen chemistry between a first-time director and a first-time film actress, but I somehow refuse to believe that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were that electric on film and absolutely nothing was felt/done about it off screen.

29. Leonardo DiCaprio truly loved Gisele Bündchen and after she broke up with him because of not changing/growing as a person while she was changing her entire lifestyle (that’s what she wrote in her book at least) he literally got so heartbroken that he just kept on dating models that are Gisele’s age when they dated and once they also get older he just gets another girl.

30. Jon Hamm has an enormous penis.