The Best Tiny House Toilets You Should Buy


Tiny houses are more than just convenient, they are indicative of a social and ecological movement that’s gaining traction throughout the West. Unlike preceding decades, wherein ultra-sized homes were admired and considered to be the highest quality of living, tiny homes reject the idea that you must live large to live well, and their owners reduce their costs of living so that they may be free to work less and experience life more.

Technically speaking, a tiny house is considered a home that is between 100 and 400 feet, The Tiny Life suggests, though there is also no set of rules by which “tiny homes” must abide. By this we mean, there are no regulations as to what is or isn’t considered a tiny home, but it’s generally well beneath the square footage of an average-sized home, which is 2,600 feet. 

In many of these homes, items are used for multiple purposes and are stored in various ways until they are needed. However, if you are someone who is interested in building your own, you may have considered that you will need some kind of plumbing and sanitation, and you may be wondering how you find the right tiny house toilet for you.

What Type Of Toilets Do People Use In Tiny Houses?

The answer to this question depends largely on what type of tiny house you have. If you have one that is stationary, or secured to a foundation on a piece of land, you likely have a sewage line like any other house would, and in that case, you can install a toilet like any other.

However, many tiny houses do not have running water, whereas others are mobile, which means that you would need to use a toilet compatible with a trailer or RV.

RV Toilets With A Tank

Toilets that are traditionally used in RVs are very popular in tiny homes. These types of toilets function with minimal water that one must refill within the tiny home, and do flush waste out to be stored in a separate backwater tank that must also be cleaned out regularly.

Composting Toilet

Alternatively, if you are someone who is opting for tiny house living due to environmental concerns, your own composting toilet might be the right option for you. By far the cheapest option, a DIY composting toilet is essentially just a toilet seat under which waste is collected in a bucket that is later disposed of. 

Some people also opt to use items such as shreds of cedar, similar to what a pet may have in their cage so that any scents are more easily absorbed and clean up is a bit more pleasant.

Active Composting Toilet 

More expensive than a compost that you have to dispose of yourself, an active composting toilet is one that actually does the work for you. Another option is an incinerating toilet, which is another form of composting that actually burns waste so that you never have to deal with it yourself.

Dry Toilet

If having a water line is a variable for your tiny home, a dry toilet is another great, and relatively affordable, option. Instead of using water to flush, these toilets come with liners, and when they are “flushed,” the liners actually turn in on themselves, creating a sealed vacuum bag of waste. Then, that bag is dropped into another section of the toilet, which you would have to dump periodically. 

What About Small Toilets In Modular Homes?

Modular homes, which are homes that are pre-designed and packaged for purchase and construction, resemble tiny homes in that they tend to be compact, though not requiring the use of as little space as possible.

However, given their typically smaller square footage and potential to be mobile, some modular homes actually require the same types of toilets that are used in tiny homes. However, in this case, these homes are often set up to have a water and sewer line built-in, meaning that you would not need to have a composting or dry toilet setup. 

Our Favorite Toilets For Tiny Homes With Running Water

[tc-product id=”lrptpgyg”]

This toilet is both compact yet super stylish. With a minimalistic, angular finish and flush button located at the top of the water bowl, it appears modern while still saving space. 

[tc-product id=”xrmwxqrf”]

This eco-friendly toilet is totally comfortable and functional, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a great fit. In addition, the toilet also has a quiet close seat and a more minimalistic finish, making it desirable for different style homes. The best part is, a family of four can save an average of 10,000 gallons of water per year with this toilet! 

[tc-product id=”xawopgvf”]

This floor standing toilet is one of the smallest products on the market, which is great for a tiny home that’s really on the smaller side. 

[tc-product id=”pfrzeujn”]

This toilet is as minimal as they come. Installed directly onto the wall, this toilet is compact, has a seat can be customized to your preference, and has no water tank above the seat. 

Building a tiny home comes with its own unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to getting creative about saving space. Don’t forget about the bathroom toilet!