To All The Empaths Out There, This Single Phrase Will Forever Change Your Life


An empath is one who has the ability to feel the emotions of those around them, from people to animals to plants. They absorb the emotional energy of others and take it on as their own, causing them to experience exactly the same emotional effects in their own bodies.

Empaths go beyond empathy caused by the heightened sensory of awareness. Instead, they physically absorb the emotional energy of another causing them to feel exactly what another feels even if they are unable to empathize.

As everyone around us is constantly experiencing an array of emotions, empaths find themselves feeling frequently out of control and ultimately exhausted. For an empath who is unaware of what they are experiencing, life drags them down overtime and leaves them used up and burnt out. Even empaths who have discovered their abilities may still find themselves struggling to understand how to turn off their gifts and find any emotional reprieve.

It becomes difficult for a newly aware empath to feel in control of their own emotions. They wind up running around trying to please those around them in order to absorb higher vibration emotions. Ultimately, this is an impossible feat and the empath is left feeling like a failure, more depleted than when they first began. Continuing down this road leads to co-dependent behaviors, toxic relationships, empath fatigue, anxiety, burn out, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

Empaths are left feeling like victims to a world filled with negativity, unable to fix those around them and feeling incapable to control their gifts.

Turn the Tables

The main theme in the life of an empath is lack of control. Being born with or developing gifts which they never asked for, feeling thrust into a position of responsibility that they didn’t want, and becoming overrun by external emotional energies that they cannot alter compile into an overwhelming tidal wave of chaos.

In order to find the relief they seek, an empath is left with but one option: regain control.

Empaths believe that they absorb the emotions of others and they affirm this to themselves almost daily, even without recognizing it. Each time they feel out of control, they are giving away their personal power. Each time they explain their gifts, they are saying that they absorb emotions. In many cases, empaths believe they have no other choice and thus continue to affirm to themselves that they are helpless in these gifts.

Instead, try turning the tables. Affirm to yourself your personal power within your gifts. Rather than saying “I am an empath and I absorb the emotions of others,” try tweaking it slightly:

I am an empath and I allow myself to absorb the emotions of others.

It may be difficult to believe, especially after a lifetime of feeling as though your gifts are not within your control. But the reality is that they can be. As you continue to affirm to yourself that you are allowing yourself to absorb the emotions of others, you will begin to shift your paradigms and regain your personal power.

As you slowly believe that you are, in fact, in control over what you absorb and what you close off, you will begin to attract things into your life which will give you the tools to make this a reality.

Being an empath does not mean you give all of your power away. Instead, it is recognizing how much power you have and learning how to use your gifts.