To All The Girls Who Have Been Just A Fling


You know that guy? They were supposed to be the game changer. You believed in them as a friend, and you were someone you trusted to be in your life. They seemed really great at first, much like the rest of them, but the tables turned and you never knew it could hurt this much.

You deserve to be loved whole heartedly, passionately, and with mutual respect.

Respect for not only each other as a human being, but emotional respect. Respecting each other enough to voice your true feelings and concerns, rather than lock them away. Respecting each other to not play head games and phone games with each other.

You deserve to be loved not for your looks, your body, or for sex.

You don’t deserve to be loved only for your availability. You deserve to be loved by someone as much as you have the capacity to love them back, respect them back and appreciate them.

You deserve to be the only one, not one of many.

You deserve to not split your free time with someone else who may be more available.

They shouldn’t be allowed to have someone in every town that they visit. Life is about choices and you have to choose someone. No relationship will work if you are bouncing from one person to the next. For a relationship to work, they’ll have to give it your best shot so you aren’t asking yourself later – “What could have been?”

It’s not fair for them to toy with someone’s emotions just because you are making the choice to be vulnerable. Just because you share your deepest feelings, doesn’t mean they get to enjoy them on their terms only. Part of feeling so deeply is expecting the good and the bad; they can’t expect to have the best in you without seeing your worst.

It’s not okay for them to make a fool out of you, even from a distance.

You should know that it’s not okay to lead you all the way up the stairs of love, and then drop your beating heart from a 10 story building.

You deserve better than this.

You deserve to be with someone who cares, and TRULY cares about how their decisions affect you.

Part of life is understanding how your decisions affect not just yourself, but others.

You deserve to be with someone who respects you enough to tell you the entire truth, and not just parts of it.

You deserve someone who makes you feel wanted. You deserve to have someone who truly cares, and who doesn’t just put on a show.

You deserve someone who wants the unedited version of you, who can handle the good and the bad.

You deserve to feel unashamed, and not constantly feeling like you have to walk on eggshells. You don’t deserve to feel afraid of tomorrow; afraid of the next time they’re going to throw in the towel and stop being honest with themselves.

You don’t deserve to be a fling.

Every part of you deserves to be loved.