To Anyone On The Verge Of Giving Up


There is no exception in going through some pretty dark days. We all have encountered sadness and a little bit of emptiness inside of us. Some have reached the point of feeling nothing at all, like your body, mind and soul already got used to it. I bet you, who read this, are going through it at this moment, aren’t you? And you can’t help it, you just can’t.

You’re sitting there waiting for the darkness to fade away, for the light to rule over your world once again, and enjoy the brightness until it lasts because you know that the sun does not shine 24/7.

You may be sad because you invested so much time and effort studying in Calculus but still got a failing grade, or hopeless because you’re already in your sophomore year but still uncertain of the program you’re taking up.

You may feel lonely
because the people who call you in the middle of the night for advice have no idea that you, too, are close to giving up and none of them has ever asked you, “Why are you still awake? Are you okay?”, or broken because the only person you fell in love with is unfortunately meant for somebody else.

You may feel worthless
because your parents do not seem to appreciate everything that you are doing to make them proud, or empty because you were once the “perfect” son/daughter but suddenly became the “below average” one.

But above all these, you are devastated because you know deep down to your soul, no matter how cruel the world is to you, giving up is not an option.
You were given the chance to live your life to the fullest while other people kneel every day in the church to ask the Lord for longer span of lives.

And, sometimes you ask yourself, “Why am I so blessed to be given such a life?”, then you think of your parents who continue to work hard for the betterment of your future and who expect you to be as successful as you once dreamed of yourself to become.

You know, you should remember that there is never a day that darkness did not take over the world. There will always be a time for the sun to shine upon us and the moon and stars to guide us through the lonely nights. Sadness, hopelessness and emptiness will surely come but at the end of the day, the light will never let these darknesses rule over your beautiful mind.

Do not get tired of your problems, let the problems get tired of you. Focus on the good things, life is wonderful and at the same time cruel. There’s always wonder and joy to look forward to, so never let the cruelty get into you.