To Anyone Who Feels Like They Have No One: You Will Always Have Yourself


This is not about you being an anti-social freak who would love to just lock yourself inside a room forever. This is not about avoiding everyone as much as possible because they are a pain to your nerves.

Don’t get me wrong, this is for the people who have friends, who have someone to hang out with during lunch breaks and who have someone to laugh with and share jokes to.

But why does it feel like they are all… temporary?

You might do video projects with your friends. You might hang out with them on the nearest restaurant affordable. You might talk to them about the latest issue in regards to Taylor Swift’s relationship.

But do you share your deepest secrets with them?

You have friends and you can name many of them. You can even make a list of those people you say hi to whenever you see them at school, and that list would probably reach two pages of bond paper back to back.
But do you have someone, who by all means, will stay by your side despite your difficulty?

One day, there will be a burdensome problem that will come and be your worst nightmare. One day there will come all sorts of stress that will attack you and your vulnerable self. One day there will come a huge breakdown for you, and you’ll cry every night because you feel like you can’t take it any more.

But will someone serve as a shoulder for you to cry on?

Then you’ll realize, maybe you don’t have friends at all. You have a dark cloud hovering in your mind but you can’t even spill it out because no one would even care. No one is worthy enough to listen to what is going on in your life. You might look back to the list of friends that you have written but as you cross out each person that’s not worthy, then you’ll realize you have nobody at all.

This is the point in life wherein the only person you can rely on is yourself. When there comes a time wherein no one would bother save you from your nightmares anymore, this is the time you stand up and fight them yourself.

Because the only person who you can trust, is yourself. Because the only person you can depend on, is yourself. Even if you think you have no one, not even your shadow, you have yourself. This is how your grow stronger.