To Be A Woman Is To Be Everything


I am a woman, I am a dreamer, I am an inventor, I am a creator, I am a thinker, I am a worker, and I am an achiever. I am a woman built to love, nurture, support, and empower others, be they family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers—that is my heart’s capacity. A woman’s intuition knows no bounds because I can look deeper and beyond the surface.

My path in life is often jagged, uneven, and rocky, but I have risen to the challenge and taught myself to walk it with grace and resilience. I know how to be strong despite my weaknesses. My physical limitations may make me seem weak. I most often wear my emotions on my sleeve, and this may make me seem overly sensitive. Over the years, I have accumulated more responsibilities than I ever imagined that I could handle, so I may frequently look tired.

Regardless of these limitations, responsibilities, and perceived weaknesses, I am a woman who remains empowered, strong, resourceful, and compassionate. I will always work towards being whoever and whatever I choose to be.

I am accomplished at multitasking. The pressure that I face to be a well-educated woman, a career-driven person, a perfectly groomed lady, a good daughter, an obedient and subservient wife, a loving and patient mother, a compassionate friend, an interesting and fun-loving companion, and a nurturer (and the list goes on) is immense and constant. But I am a woman, so I understand that I cannot accomplish everything to perfection in every facet of my life. I simply endeavor to carry out my tasks to the best of my ability.

To be a woman is to be everything all at the same time. Being a woman is a tremendously complex job. But I am a woman who has proved that I have the spirit to reach beyond my limitations, to overcome my obstacles and to take care of my responsibilities. Through the years, as I have progressed from girlhood to womanhood, I have learned that I am perfect in my own imperfect way.

I am not a superhuman; I am just a human. My mind, body, and soul are not made of steel, nor am I always picture perfect. Ultimately, I know that I am flawed, but I choose to be perfect in my own imperfections. I am a woman who has stumbled, fallen, laid down, closed my eyes, sighed, rolled over, then gotten up and continued with my life because I had to and because I wanted to.

I am Woman, I am pain, I am hurt, I am anger, I am sadness, I am forgiveness, I am love, I am compassion, I am strength, I am bravery, I am determination, I am beauty, and I am enough.