To Be Or Not To Be: Gay Is The Answer


Why is the blogging community dominated by an LGBTQIA presence? Simple—it’s better to be a gay blogger. By default, it connects you to thousands of fellow gays who dominate the digital space. Why do we gays have such an intimidating internet presence? Because we’ve had to live there.

For some it’s the option of anonymity that allows us to live a semblance of a life we’ve only been able to dream of. For others, it’s a milestone, the comfortable start of coming out. Regardless, we, the LGBTQIA community, dominate the digital space. And it’s not just that we’ve learned to live there in order to survive…we already knew how to do that. In reality, a lot of us weren’t welcome…our real selves weren’t, anyway. But in this space, where we had the freedom to be real, we did just that. And in being our true selves, we made sure we would never become the people that put us there. We aren’t perfect…I mean, what’s a gay community without a little drama?

However, I think because we’ve seen—and for some experienced—hatred in its rawest forms, the choice to live outside that hate in a protected space came easily to most. Those of us who choose to exist as our true selves here in reality, outside of but not abandoning our digital community, are considered brave. And those who thrive, living openly and honestly despite the hatred around them? Well, those are our heroes.

Who would have thought that making the choice to wake up and live this day and the next, being no one but yourself, could bring these monsters among men? Those who would choose to devour us whole before trying to understand us. Despite their hate and because of it, we choose to love. And to those that choose to love us even though they don’t understand us, welcome to the family.