To Dominate or Be Dominated? 4 Signs To Tell If You’re An Alpha Or A Beta Personality Type


There is a marked difference between being an alpha male or female in contrast with being a beta. Although there certainly may be crossovers within one’s personality; for example an easygoing spirit paired with a determined mind, there is one flip of the coin that resonates more than the other. Whether identifying as an alpha or a beta based upon genetic make-up in combination with upbringing and life experiences, it helps to understand what side of the fence dictates actions, thoughts, and behaviors while navigating daily life and making future preparations.

1. The reality of keeping two feet on the ground vs. dreaming with the head in the clouds.

When an alpha sets a goal, is inspired to make a plan, and realizes what he/she wants, his or her dreams and desires come at a great price; persistence and determination without being denied. Once the mind and spirit are in unison to realize and accomplish what is desired albeit studies, career, travel, relationships, and personal enrichment, hell or high water won’t deter it. However, if one forces and self-sabotages in the process by wanting to control and take too much power within one’s hands, this may in fact impede and/or prevent the goal from coming to fruition.

A beta may be open to receiving feedback and inspiration from others as a mode to spark an interest into seeing if/when it’s possible to render whatever it is that provides curiosity. Depending on how strong willed one is, this will have great impact regarding the obtainment. It may seem appealing on paper or within an active imagination, but the work to arrive at the destination may either cramp the natural flow of things or doesn’t provoke strong motivation. Although a beta possesses a more relaxed approach, the passing of time may reveal unanswered questions and a feeling of being lost and unaccomplished.

2. Hard-headed decisiveness vs. mind-bending indecision.

An alpha is confident and self-assured in his/her decision-making. Once it’s decided to proceed forward and achieve the task to be conquered at hand, it becomes a fixation. Creative and critical problem solving, analyzing, and overcoming setbacks are the normal mode of operation. However, it’s difficult for an alpha to veer off the path that they have envisioned in their mind’s eye rather than always trusting in the process and asking for assistance, if needed.

A beta may appear to be calm and collected on the surface if they are able to keep their worries and preoccupations under wraps. Or, perhaps may be at ease with being open and honest that there is a feeling of insecurity whether it’s internal or external. To make a decision of any kind could require lots of over-analyzing and being afraid to make the wrong choice. But one may be more willing to ask for suggestions—appreciative of having a sounding board and point of reference, which allows for helpful exchange.

3. Leading the tribe to the destination vs. following the pack one step at a time.

As a natural leader, an alpha has more difficulty adhering to the thoughts and beliefs of others and takes great pride in forming their own ideals and principles. They are also willing to share their ideas with others with the intention of inspiring, teaching, guiding, and demonstrating to those who have interest in learning. When road bumps, twists, and turns come along the way during the respective journey whether it is in professional or personal settings, one rises to the challenge to navigate and serve as the source of stability. However, when an alpha is under lots of stress, it could manifest between two extremes—deep introspection or explosive expression.

With the ease and ability to allow others to take control and determine how to accomplish a task or make a decision, a beta is more compliant to do what he/she is told whether they are happy or resistant to do it. There is a level of flexibility and acknowledgement of the security that someone else or something else is providing the framework of what needs to be achieved. However, there may be a feeling that personal success isn’t achieved on his/her own merit.

4. Committing wholeheartedly and being proactive vs. letting the pieces fall into place without expectation.

An alpha may take a longer time to commit to his/herself, someone, or something. This is because once they make the decision there is no going back and they will do what it takes to conquer and obtain their “prize”. Once achieved, they will continue to honor, nurture, guide, and support whatever they have committed to because they believe in its value and importance. They will find ways to make sure things move in a forward direction and if in fact re-evaluation is needed, they will confront it.

A beta may be more inclined to be more open minded, inquisitive, curious, and willing to try new things, meet people, and go with the flow. This allows one to enter in and out of professional and personal circumstances with greater volume and provides unexpected results. What will be will be and although there is certainly a sense of honoring oneself, another, and and/or a situation, the details of how it comes to pass and functions isn’t of as greater importance than living the experience itself.