To Every Woman Out There, 2018 Is The Year You Find Your Bliss


Enough almost relationships. Enough jobs that just get you by. Enough putting off chasing your dreams. All of that ends this year because next year is the year you find your bliss.

I know how you got here. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been there too. Temporary situations that give you the illusion of stability are comfortable. They have the capacity to become permanent, but they do not have the capacity to make you happy. Settling never ever makes you happy.

So here’s what you are going to do.

You know that job that you’ve been eyeing that you don’t think you’re qualified enough for? Or that’s in another city or another country? You’re going to apply for it. That stagnant relationship, part relationship you’re in? You’re going to end it. In 2018, you’re going to take a chance on your bliss, on your dreams.

Listen, it’s not going to be easy. Big dreams almost start with big messes. But if you do not take a chance on yourself, who is going to make it happen for you? Who is going to give you the chance you need to fly and explore and become the best version of yourself?

Everything in the world is waiting for you to happen to it, because yes, you are that amazing, you mean that much, and you have an infinite amount of potential. All you need to do, is find the means to channel it. Find a way to make yourself fly, you already have the wings to do it.

If you are looking for a sign, this is it. 2018 is the year you will chase down your bliss and find yourself bigger, brighter, and better than you ever have been before.