To Have To Move Away From Our Comfort Zone Is A Terrible, Terrible Feeling


It’s called “comfort” for a reason, and if it means that we’re already comfortable with the way things are, why step away from it? I mean, if we’re going to continue to live in a world that changes in every aspect in every second, there has to be something constant to keep us… normal. These constants can take form in certain things that we are so used to doing, that we become comfortable making it a part of our routine, that they can give us consolation in times of uncertainty since they help re-establish our identity and reasons for doing such things.

Or they can take form in people that we’re so used to seeing and hanging out with, that can become the same people we turn to for safety and comfort, and reliability and strength.

These constants serve to keep us from going insane, help steer us in the right direction, and occasionally nudge us forward when we are so caught up in change that we forget where we’re supposed to go.
But what happens when the things that you’re comfortable doing become pointless? What if the people that you’re so comfortable being around, are suddenly unable to continue walking with you in this journey you’re taking which everyone calls life?

Life is about change. Things change, objects fade. People change, and our very emotions are subject to change as well. One day, we might not feel as close or as strongly for a certain person as we did before and vice versa. But what’s keeping us from letting that thing or that person go is the knowledge that whatever happens, that thing or that person will always be there, no matter what the circumstance; and that’s a powerful thing, for their presence, as well as yours, provides the much needed constancy that everybody craves. This and the fear of going out there without having a safety net or something to go back to is so strong that it keeps people together even when it is no longer beneficial to a person’s well-being and growth. Women in abusive relationships are afraid that by leaving the relationship, they will be subject to a much more terrible kind of pain than what they are already experiencing. The fear of the unknown is what’s holding most people back.

Given the choice, I’d rather stay in the comfort zone than subject myself to all kinds of fear and uncertainty that comes with leaving the zone. But there are certain instances where I don’t get a say at all. There are situations that force the people who I am so close to, out of my life, and it seems that I can no longer continue to walk down this path without them. But I can’t stop now. I’ve gone so far already. It’s hard to have to let go. The fear of uncertainty rushes inside these veins. And given the choice, I’d rather not leave all things which were so comfortable to me. And now I shall be exposed to the change which I see so often, except now, I will have no safety net to fall on, no safety house to go back to. I am totally and completely and utterly alone at this point.

But after a while I find that that feeling only lasts for a short period of time.

The fear lives, but it dies as soon as the person is willing to trust the Maker of the universe that everything happens for a purpose. You could say that it probably was meant to be that we were forced out of our comfort zones because in the end, we may get something much better in return. After everything that would have happened, more often than not, it would have been all worth the fears and the actual stepping past of the comfort zone. And we realize, that nothing is forever, but that’s okay because change doesn’t always mean bad, and having a safety net does not always get a person as far as he would’ve liked. Many times, we may make unnecessary sacrifices and compromises just to keep that feeling of safety with us. And there may be times when the safety net will imprison us unknowingly, and prevent us from doing what we think, needs to be done. But we have it in our power to let go of such things, however vulnerable we may feel without it, and the end will justify the means in this circumstance.