To My Fellow Women, I’m Sorry For How I’ve Wronged You


Dear Women,</em?

I am sorry if I ever called you fat,
I am sorry if I ever called you a bimbo,
I am sorry if my judgements and preconceived notions ever showed in my actions.

The truth is, I respect each and every one of you. Sure, we may have our differences; you may like being girly, while I may not. You may be the ideal type of woman and I am not. But that doesn’t make you any lesser of a woman than I am. Just because you have long flowing hair, it does not give my short hair any right to dislike you for that.

In this big bad world, we often forget just how amazing we are.

Us women, we come in every form. You could be a hard-working, pant-suit wearing working woman, or you could be a housewife dedicated to her family and making sure that home is the most comfortable place on earth. You could be a wine drinker, or you could be a vodka girl. It still doesn’t mean that one type of us is better than the other. We’re all equally amazing. All our flaws and perfections mixing like colors swirling into the water before giving it a beautiful tint.

You could be as comfortable as you want to be in your skin, or you could actively go out and change how you look every month. It doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter. You could be a thick lady or you could be a skinny woman. You could have big curly hair, or straight sleek hair- it could be its natural color, or it could be experimented upon millions of times. Beneath all these physical features, we’re all the same- just a set of chromosomes that make us unique and beautiful.

Our uniqueness is what makes us so amazing- yet our similarities are uncanny.

We all go through the hell of periods, the pain, the flow, or the lack of it- and the tension and scares it brings! We all have to stand up for ourselves, with the world run by men- who think they’re so much better than us, we have to make sure to make our marks on the earth. We have to go through constant objectification, cat-calling, horrible shaming- and for what? For enjoying the things we enjoy and loving the things we love. We’re all constantly battling demons- that may or may not stem off from inside of us, and we’re rocking at it!

And this is why, I want to say sorry to you. Often times I forget that you are like me.

That we’re all a part of this universe. That we are all this universe. Fighting and fighting, not giving up even for a second. We’re all in our own versions of hell, and undoubtedly the worst feeling would be to have someone judge you for it. And women, I am truly, honestly and genuinely sorry. I have forgotten, that when everyone is trying to pull us down, I need to stick by your side and make sure that we’re as united as we can be. I am sorry, if I have ever let this beautiful relationship of similarities down because of irrational thoughts. This is my silent confession- I haven’t ever truly been by your side in the past- swaying like a tree branch to opinions and preconceived notions. But from today, from now, you can count on me. You, woman, are a beautiful creature. And while you traverse this world alone, you might get lonely. This is my silent promise- I will always be there. I won’t ever forget that judgment is the downfall of our society. I won’t ever forget that you are like me, that you are me. I won’t ever forget to believe in you, I won’t ever forget to let you know that you are loved in ways you’ll never understand.

I won’t ever forget you.
Our story starts from today.
Let’s make it as vibrant and beautiful as us.