To My Fellow Women: Let’s Be Warriors For Each Other


The moon does not envy the sun. Instead, she puts her to bed each night with a kiss and sings sweetly to her as she rises each morning.

Together, they light the world.

Ladies, the days of us competing are over. No more will we claw at each other’s insecurities, or feed into the fears of our sisters. We are each other’s backbone. Allies and outlets for one another in this world determined to break us down.

Another woman’s success is not your failure, rather just another hat in the ring on your side of the tag team match.

We need female leaders to clear the path.

Her beauty does not make you ugly. Instead, it teaches you how to love yourself.

Beauty comes in every complexion, shape, and style.

Her brilliance doesn’t mean you are dumb. It means there is another voice to teach the world incredible things.

Every woman deserves the chance to be heard.

I will get nasty for my sisters. I will listen to them, believe them, be a warrior for them. I will put myself out there for them because I know a victory for her, is a victory for us.

They may pit us against one another, tell us there is only one look that is beautiful, how to fuck, the way to live, who to love. But they don’t know the force that lives deep inside of us, the driving energy that connects all of us to something bigger, better. The ground we know we can shake, the change we will grow, and spread from deep roots. We will no longer be silent. We will bring a voice to those of us who have been told to keep quiet because they cannot silence the thunder. We will put up our fists and go rounds for our sisters that have been suppressed.

They are us, we are them.